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Shaoxing Dingqiao Textile

We are a production and trading company specializing in decorative fabric. Focus on exporting fabrics with good price and quality. Weaving, dyeing, compositing, bronzing, printing, flocking and other post-processes are all monitored by dedicated personnel. Our Quality department builds a strict quality-monitoring framework to control the quality of roll fabric. Ensure that the cost is controlled at the cheapest price, and the quality is controlled within the range of high requirements. Price range around 0.5 usd to 2 usd. Used for sofa, furniture, shoes and so on.
  • Control the quality of roll fabric
  • Deeply loved by our customers.
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Our latest news

  • Cheapest price

    Cheapest price

    Price range around 0.5 usd to 2 usd.
  • Quality fabrics

    Quality fabrics

    Focus on exporting fabrics with good quality.
  • Suit for all countries

    Suit for all countries

    Now our main markets are in Europe, South , etc.
  • Safe product

    Safe product

    Every year we will design new products for customers
​Our factory located at Haining, ZheJiang, near Ningbo and Shanghai Port, enjoying convenient traffic conditions.
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TEL:180 5865 5858  
MOB:180 5865 5858  
ADD:11th floor, time square building G, Keqiao district, Shaoxing city, Zhejiang province, China  
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